What We Do

Gunshop is a motion-graphics production company dedicated to creating branded, visually driven stories to entertain and inform consumers. Built on a foundation in broadcast design, Gunshop is accustomed to taking a holistic creative approach to every project by focusing on the imagination and diversity of our designers and animators. We strongly believe that creativity should be exhibited not just in the final product, but in the means of getting there as well.

Stacy Nimmo - Founder, Creative Director

With 20+ years experience in live action direction and broadcast design, Stacy has helped shape the identities of a wide range of brands. From Miramax to Microsoft. From Verizon to Vh1. From USA to Paypal. Stacy has demonstrated time and again a gift for understanding and communicating the distinctive perspectives of each client.

This ability to quickly immerse and become conversant in different worlds began to grow not long after he did. Early in his life, he started to travel and live abroad with his family. From California to Saudia Arabia to Thailand to France. By 15, Stacy had already collected more passport stamps – and cultural perspectives – than most heads of state.

Then he started learning how to turn those perspectives into compelling visuals at the University of Florida, where he lobbied the Dean to start the Digital Design program. After film school at Parsons The New School in NYC, his talents caught the eye of Miramax Films, where he worked directly with Bob and Harvey Weinstein to create evocative ad campaigns for the fledgling film company.

For his directing debut, he imaginatively blended live action and animation for MTV, which lead to 60 different projects on Viacom channels and representation at several leading agencies, including Curious Pictures, Telezin and Razorfish. His compelling visual style of branded storytelling has also won international acclaim, including Addy, Telly, Motion and Promax/BDA Awards.